Friday, November 25, 2011

Creativity is allowing ourselves to make mistakes

“Creativity is allowing yourself the freedom to make mistakes, art is knowing which ones to keep.” - Author Unknown

Anyone who has played with Photoshop knows that you can do some crazy things with photos. We are only limited by what we can imagine.

I sometimes like to play with photos to see what I come up with. This quote that I found in a photography book strikes the heart of what I am trying to do. When experimenting, I know that much of what I come up with will be garbage. Yet in the digital age, we can just hit the “delete” button and start again.

Through experimentation, sometimes we come up with something we like. Here, I captured my daughter hugging my husband at the beach. The original photo looks like this:

I reduced the image to shapes and a few details in her face. I kind of like what I came up with and decided to keep it. Occasional success inspires me to continue to allow myself to make mistakes. Thanks for looking!

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