Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You're just like your...

I saw this layout in a scrapbooking magazine and I loved the idea. My three-year-old is finally at an age where we can see little personality traits coming through, and it's fun to analyze her and speculate where those traits come from. It is completely unscientific and can change at any time, but at least it's an excuse to talk about the three of us. It's also an exercise in using “you're” and “your” correctly!

The page that I got the idea from was paper and glue. She had to order an 8x10 print and print out the text on strips of paper. That seemed like a lot of work. It's so much easier to put it together digitally. It was easy to grab the colors from the shirt and the background to create a nice color scheme, too.

The journaling reads:

You are a mix of genes from your mother and your father. There's also a little of your grandparents (both mommy's parents and daddy's parents), and a little of your aunts and uncle. Yet though you share characteristics of your family, you are not truly "just like" anyone. You are unique. Even if mommy and daddy had a hundred babies, none of them would be the same as you. Yet here are are some ways that I've noticed that you resemble your mother and father even at the young age of three.


...we both like to stay up at night and cuddle in the bed (daddy asks me to put you in your own bed when he gets tired).

...we can both be very stubborn and have trouble accepting when things don't go our way.

...our faces look alike, so I've been told.

...we both enjoy listening to music and dancing around the living room.

...we both have curly hair.

...we both prefer pasta over meat. We never get sick of eating spaghetti!

...we're both very curious and ask questions about things we don't understand. I know this will be tough for us to handle but it will make you smart!

...we both avoid strict routines. We just wake up each morning and decide what we want to do and where we want to go. You're naptime always changes and we do schoolwork whenever we can fit it in.

...we both like junk food and can't leave it alone if it's in sight.


...you both have the same eye color. Sort of green, sort of blue, but definitely beautiful!

...You both of the same dirty blonde hair (or you did before he started getting greys). I love how it lights up in the sun!

...you both follow through on tasks. When I try to help, you say, "no, I'll do it myself." Your father is the same way. If I try to help, I'm just in the way. I know that this will help you be independent in the future.

...you both like to have things neat. Everything has a place. Your father gets mad when he goes to look for something and it's not where he expected it to be. You are the same way. You tell me when something is different or out of order. This makes you very good at doing puzzles and sticker books and will make you very successful as an adult.

...you are both outgoing and will talk to strangers. Your mother rarely talks to strangers unless she has to but your father will go up to anyone and start a conversation. Likewise, you will talk to and play with kids you've never met. You are a natural born leader.

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