Friday, March 9, 2012

A sequence of fun events

I'm not much of a videographer. I prefer instead to capture moments in time. As an art form, it's much easier to control 1/50th of a second rather than 50 seconds or more. Yet sometimes I can't fully capture what transpired in just one photo. One solution is to put the camera in continuous shutter mode and then display them together in sequence.

I wanted to capture my kids horsing around before a real fight broke out. She seemed to enjoy it as much as he did, so I let it go on. They started doing this upstairs but it was too dark to freeze the action with my camera. So, I quickly carried them downstairs where we have big open windows and told them to carry on. I was able to capture several action shots with smiling faces. Here's the journaling:

Siblings who don't wrestle aren't real siblings. My brother and I did it, and now my kids are doing it. I used to have to watch out for the younger Thomas, but now he is the attacker. He comes up from behind his sister, wraps his arms around her, and pulls her down. I play the referee who blows the whistle when things get out of hand, as well as the photographer who records the event. I say play on as long as everyone is laughing and having a good time.

I turned it into a football theme for fun. Maybe my son will be a linebacker when he gets a little bigger. Thankfully, they kept on laughing and no tears were shed during the recording of this event.

Showing a sequence of events is just one more way to use multiple photos to show the whole picture. Thanks for looking!


  1. Love it! The ruler overlay, the blending, the colors and of course the subjects!

  2. I really have to learn to use the continuous shutter mode. Thanks for an inspiring LO!