Monday, May 2, 2011

Drawing sketches in your scrapbook layout

I love combining drawings with photos, and a scrapbook page is a great place to do it! Incorporating drawings makes your scrapbook layout truly unique.

Many scrappers accent their layout with a smaller, faded version of the main photo. It's almost like a visual echo. This type of repetition is attractive because it creates visual harmony. It is also very easy to do on the computer because it is so easy to duplicate images.

I took this concept one step further and simply made a sketch out of the photo. How do I do this, you ask? Drum roll please... I traced it!

My drawing skills are very limited, so I had to do this the easy way. The sketch took me about five minutes. I simply opened a new layer, traced the major lines, then shrunk it and moved it to the side.

You can use a mouse, but a pen tablet works better. A pen tablet works like a mouse but is shaped like a pen. You use the pen to draw or write directly on the computer. Here is the one I use.

There are many other ways to incorporate artwork in your scrapbook pages. You could create a more detailed drawing with the method I've described here. You could sketch in different colors or include a digital painting with a photo. There are endless possibilities, and I intend to explore more of them.

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