Friday, October 26, 2012

Want to Feel Really Old?

This would make a great first page of a Book of Me album. It's easy, fun, and can give you a sense of nostalgia (or horror at the fashions of the time). I've seen this idea done before, and I thought I'd make my own.

There are sites all over the Internet that list facts and events from any given year. I found these facts at I'm sure there are similar sites for the 60's, 70's, and (gasp!) 90's. I had to narrow it down to what I thought were the most interesting stories to make them fit on one page.

I would strongly suggest including prices to make you feel REALLY old. I could have filled my car for $15 and bought a nice new home for $85,000! Then again, we'd only have an annual income of $21,000.

This is also a rare page that doesn't include any photos taken by me. I gave myself a pass because I was an infant and could not possibly hold a camera in 1982. I had no problem grabbing small, low-res images from the Internet to give the viewer a taste of this bygone era (I hope I'm not violating any copyright laws).

By the time the kids are old enough to read and understand this page, they will think that I am ancient history. We all thought that way about our parents and soon they will think that way about us. Here's how to encapsulate it on a page.

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