Saturday, March 5, 2011

Simple Colors

I have found that the most effective layouts have very simple color schemes. In fact, a layout with just two or three colors usually makes a greater impact than one that tries to incorporate every color imaginable.

In general, it is a good idea to use colors that go with the photo(s) on the page. However, this doesn't work well if there is a huge range of colors. In this instance, using just a couple of colors in the layout may actually make the photo look cluttered.

In such a situation, try changing the photo to black and white. This gives you much more flexibility to create a color scheme to your liking. Taking the color out of a photo essentially wipes the slate clean, so you can work with colors you've been meaning to use but didn't have the right photo.

I used to think that whole layout had to be black and white if the photos were black and white. This is not the case, and I've seen many attractive layouts with bright colors accenting black and white photos.

The colors of the layout above couldn't be simpler -- true blue and white. I don't think the blue would have had quite the same impact if I kept the photo in color.

This is just one more trick I've learned for making the colors of my layouts work.

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