Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So here's another advantage of digital scrapbooking: it's easy to go BIG.

When I was using paper and glue, I used only 4x6 pictures. I could have gotten larger prints, but they are much more expensive. Besides, I would have had to plan out all my layouts in advance and wait for the prints to come in. It was much easier to use 4x6 pictures and throw the extras in a regular photo album.

With digital scrapbooking, I can create poster-size prints of my favorite photos. They look great on the wall inside a 12x12 album frame. I like to jazz them up with a title and a few words, too.

I took this photo last winter on the Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys. They experienced an unusual cold spell while we were there (hence the coat). We decided to go for a bike ride on this cloudy day.

The journalling reads: The air is chilly, the sky is ominous, the wind threatens to knock me to the ground. This is... A Beautiful Day.

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