Thursday, February 10, 2011

Textured backgrounds

I've been experimenting with textured backgrounds. There are tons of free textured backgrounds you can download for free on the web, but I like to create my own elements whenever possible. This one is super easy if you have a scanner. Just take a piece of paper, crumple it up, and scan it. Then open your image, and cut and paste into your layout. That's pretty my how to do it.

Once I had it in my layout, I lightened it enough to make the text easy to read. If you're feeling even more creative, play with the layer mode to get different funky effects, like "lighten only" or "darken only."

Creating your own textured backgrounds is just one more way that digital is way better than traditional (in my humble opinion). There are just an infinite number of ways to create backgrounds, without having to shop around in the craft store!

Anyway, the pics in this layout are over 3 years old, taken a few months before we got married. I look goofy in them but I don't care. It made me think of the perfect subtitle: "Even a bad snapshot is beautiful when the faces are happy." Ah, the carefree (i.e. child-free) days!

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