Friday, February 18, 2011

Making lemonade from lemons

Sometimes, those less-than-perfect shots CAN be perfect for the right layout. A dark shot can create a somber mood, a blurry shot may be good for a background, or a goofy face may go well with humouous journalling.

For anyone who doesn't have kids, let me tell you that two-year-olds don't pose. They don't smile just because you tell them to, either. For this reason, I'm becoming an expert at making due with the shots that I get.

I was trying to get a picture of her to send out for our Christmas cards, which was a very difficult task indeed. The shot was in focus, but she was not looking at the camera, the picture was inproperly framed, and it was underexposed because she ran into a shadow.

Yet I had written a few heartfelt words about her, and wanted a photo to convey the somber mood. This one couldn't have been more perfect. The journalling reads:

I wish

I wish I could prevent you from making the mistakes I've made
I wish love could banish all pain and sorrow from your life
I wish you could stay in you childhood forever
I wish I could shelter you from reality

But I can't

So I will teach you all that I know
I will arm you against the evils of the world
I will tell you that what is popular isn't always what is best
I will show you that no one and no movement has control over you,

So... I will.

Before hitting that "delete" button on your camera, try to think of interesting ways to use those imperfect shots.

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