Monday, February 14, 2011

Travelling the world

Here's another layout idea for the Book of Me. And by "Me" I mean "oneself" (to get started on a Book of Me, go to my earlier post here). I love to travel, and I decided to do a layout about the places I've been and would like to go.

I decided to make it simple, as it would have been WAY too cluttered if I tried to include pictures from everywhere on the list.

I wanted to include a picture of myself in the background, but to make it a little subdued. To do this, I turned the photo to black and white and then lightened it a bit.

To give it the blotchy effect, go to colors > posterize. This reduces the number of colors in the image. Adjust to get the desired effect.

For the map, I took one off the web, erased the ocean part, and used a red paintbrush on the spots I've been.

There are lots of different themes you can do for the Book of Me. Any other ideas?

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